Diet Culture Rebel® Group Coaching

Next cohort begins august 6th!

A 12-week live program for women ready to break free from chronic dieting helping you learn to eat without guilt, obsession, or fear of losing control.

Led by Bonnie, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and her dietitian team  — created to give you a brave, confidential, and judgment-free space so you can officially become a Diet Culture Rebel® alongside like-minded people who understand.

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Let go of quick fix diets, become an intuitive eater, and make peace with food – for the long run.

Let’s face it — at this point, you don't need anymore nutrition "information" or "advice."

You know how many calories are in the foods you eat. You know all the diet rules, point systems, macros, and "hacks" like drinking water when you're actually hungry (p.s., don't do this!).  

All of the nutrition "information" and "advice" has only made you more guilt-ridden, obsessed, and out of control with food in the long-run.

Take a breath and listen to me, Rebel: 
You don’t need another diet. 

What you need is to heal your relationship with food by finally breaking the cycle of dieting that’s been controlling and consuming your life for all these years.

The Diet Culture Rebel® group coaching program is exactly how you’ll do it. Using my proven framework that has helped hundreds of clients, my team and I help you pursue health without dieting, enjoy food again, and create a lifelong, healthy and sustainable relationship with food.

The best part? You get to do it in a brave, confidential, and judgement-free space.

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You constantly think about food. At breakfast, you’re thinking about what you will eat at lunch. At lunch, you’re thinking about what you will eat at dinner. At dinner, you’re thinking about what you will eat the next day. 

You wake up and wonder if the day will be good or bad based on what you eat.

You’ve thrown food away to avoid eating it and… fished it out of the trash and eaten it later. 

You HAVE to study the restaurant menu before dining out. If you don’t, you’re a hot mess express & super anxious about what you will order. 

Do you have food struggles like any of these? 

You’ve read the Intuitive Eating book, and you “get it,” but struggle to implement the practices and principles in your everyday life. 

You’ve been on a diet or controlling your food ever since you were a teenager or child. You’ve gained & lost the same weight over & over again & are sick and tired of the yo-yo. 

You eat so “perfectly” during the day but go bananas with food in the evening, eat everything in sight & feel super guilty, embarrassed & ashamed for doing so.

You eat “perfectly” during the week, but when the weekend rolls around, you’re a hot mess express eating anything & everything to the point of physical discomfort. 

You weigh yourself every day and have done so for YEARS. The number on the scale dictates your mood & what you allow or don’t allow yourself to eat that day. 

You know the exact number of calories in any and all food. 

You drag yourself to the gym early in the AM, no matter how tired you are. You workout because it “feels good” but know deep down that you would be full of anxiety if you had to take an exercise break.

You live in extremes with food. You mostly experience hunger when it feels like hanger, and you mostly experience fullness when you're painfully stuffed. There is no in between. You're either being "good" with your eating of you're "falling off the wagon" and "spiraling."

You can’t stand to see food left uneaten - no matter how full you are, you have to finish your food! #cleanplateclub 

You know eating more will help you break your restrict-binge cycle, but you struggle to actually do this and are afraid to gain weight. 

You don’t know if you’re hungry or just thirsty. 

You’re nervous to make a change, but you know you can’t keep living the way you are around food. You know there is a better way and you desire more peace with food and your body.

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’d be a great fit for group coaching. 

If you're like the clients I work with, you probably don't want to see future you still struggling with food exactly as you are today. Or worse: 80 years old and still struggling with food and your body.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5, 10, 20+ years?


No, life is way too short for that.

It's normal to feel scared anytime you make a change (even if it's a change for the better like healing your relationship with food), but I believe it's scarier to not make a change and spend the rest of your life struggling with food.

Elizabeth went from...

These are the kinds of changes Rebels have had in this program:

Binge eating almost every night

Weighing herself every morning & feeling constantly anxious & obsessed with food for YEARS

Binge eating and exercising as punishment on the reg


Stopping after just a few weeks of coaching

Ditching the scale and finding the joy & ease in eating again

Trusting her body, healing from binge eating and enjoying food again. She now has more time in her day to focus on relationships, work and life!

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erin went from...


Crystal went from...


stephanie went from...


Cycling through Whole 30s, then “losing control” of her eating & being filled with shame

Keeping Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, ice cream & cookies in the house at all times. She enjoys them when she wants, without bingeing or guilt!

julia went from...


Crying in her bedroom after bingeing

Feeling like a normal person again around food.

shelby went from...


A chronic dieter

Someone who tries new foods on the reg, loves her body & feels more peace around food on a daily basis

elayna went from...


Knowing the exact number of calories in anything & everything she ate

No longer knowing the calories in her daily eats

bianca went from...


An anxious yo-yo dieter who had lost & regained the same weight year after year

Respecting her body that she used to hate, honoring her hunger & fullness, & feeling totally free from foods that used to consume her thoughts

diane went from...


Emotionally eating on the reg

No longer skipping meals & emotionally eating later. Now she eats what she wants, when she wants it!

Now tell me, are you ready to…

rebuild trust with your body

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eat without guilt, obsession or fear of losing control

pursue health without dieting

If the answer is yes, you sound like the clients we work with and this program is for you. And you don’t have to wait any longer — applications are opening soon.

 We start late summer!

You heal from your food issues, stop obsessing over everything you eat, and make peace with food & your body — the scientifically proven and Registered Dietitian recommended way.

imagine this:

When you become an intuitive eater, your entire life will change. 

The tools, framework, live sessions, and expert knowledge my team and I provide in the Diet Culture Rebel® Group Coaching program were thoughtfully curated to help you develop a long-term, healthy and sustainable relationship with food.

In just 12 weeks, you’ll make major moves in your journey to heal your relationship with food. And best part? Healing your relationship with food is the gift that keeps on giving. It gets easier overtime, and group coaching gives you tools and practices that you can use for life.

In short, you’ll finally feel free, empowered and happy around food.

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“My relationship with food has FINALLY healed after so many years of being disordered. I threw away my scale, eat foods that nourish my body, and have had a true 180 in my body image.”

- Liesel

“I’ve successfully healed my relationship with food; I’m able to follow principles of intuitive eating and not get sucked into all the other stuff.”

- Nicole

“I am so grateful to Bonnie for helping me find freedom from the preconceived (diet culture) ideas I was harboring. I could have never imagined life on the other side but it’s liberating. I went through the holidays without stress for the first time I can remember. I have several vacations planned for this upcoming year, and I’m not afraid of how much I’ll derail — I trust myself and I trust food.”

- audrey

“Before working with Bonnie, I obsessed over food! I tried every diet out there and never felt more comfortable or happy with myself. I'm now able to tune into my body and have all foods around without feeling the need to binge or restrict myself. I now have the tools to do better for myself and my kids.”

- aManda

“Working with Bonnie revolutionized how I feel about EVERYTHING in my life. I didn’t expect making peace with food and my body would play a role in so many other areas of my life and I’m so glad I made this investment. I’m happier, a better communicator. and a better advocate for myself.”

- Becky

why not start right now?

Diet Culture Rebel® Group Coaching

So, are you ready to stop investing in diets and start investing in yourself? You are worth it.

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My LIVE 12-week program where you break free from diet culture, become an intuitive eater, and finally make peace with food.

In DCR Group Coaching, you’ll transform your relationship with food by rebuilding trust with your body, making peace with food, and learning to eat in a way that supports your physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Take a peek inside the program and see what your journey to food freedom will look like…

In addition to the live weekly calls with Bonnie and/or Angie, you’ll also share weekly check-ins to review your goals, reflect on your previous week, and express any struggles or questions that you’d like to have addressed so you can get support in real time.


See what's inside


We kick off our group coaching by gaining an understanding of our mindset around food and dieting. You’ll adopt a growth mindset and work toward prioritizing important self-care that will support you throughout the program and beyond.



See what's inside

Reject Dieting

The harmful effects of dieting are taking up space in both expected and unsuspecting areas of your life. You’ll reflect on your lived experience with dieting and food struggles, identify your triggers, and put pen to paper about what isn’t serving you so you can leave it behind.

Reject Dieting

MODULE three

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In this module, we dive into the science of hunger, and how proteins, carbs, and fats affect your body and brain. You’ll learn just how important honoring hunger is as you heal your relationship with food.



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Following your newfound understanding of hunger, it’s time to discover the intricacies of your relationship to feeling full. You’ll get in touch with how different foods make you feel and practice honoring your fullness cues.



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Challenging the Food Police

It’s time to tackle that voice in your head that comments and judges what you eat and how you look. This negativity was likely created from a variety of experiences, but we work to quiet the voice in this module. We lead you in practicing cognitive flexibility to help challenge those unhelpful thoughts.

Challenging the Food Police

Module six

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Making Peace with Food

Instead of jumping to limiting and inaccurate conclusions, we learn the ways in which systematic habituation affects the way we feel about food and our overall food habits. These learnings are key to discussing as a group and you’ll realize you’re not alone and that making peace with food is possible!

Making Peace with Food

Module seven

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Remember what it’s like to actually enjoy food? That’s what you’ll nudge toward in this module. We’ll explore simple changes in your mindset and within your eating environment to reinstate delightful satisfaction.


Module Eight

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Emotional Eating

We all know what it’s like to push far beyond our fullness ques after a long, hard day, but emotional eating can become much more serious when it leads to regular binging. Here, you’ll practice new coping tools and learn how to release shame and guilt when emotional eating does occur.

Emotional Eating

Module Nine

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Body Image

Most people who struggle with chronic dieting or disordered eating hold a negative body image. Here, we work on implementing our personal values into the way we treat and think about our bodies. Every day won’t be perfect, but values-work will help you move towards body neutrality and acceptance.

Body Image

Module Ten

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Joyful Movement

In this module, we learn mindful movement principles and dive deeper into your relationship to movement using journaling prompts. Through reflection and practice, we help you think about movement as an expression of joy, rather than a tool for weight loss. 

Joyful Movement

Module Eleven

See what's inside

Gentle Nutrition

Here, we explore how adding foods you enjoy back into your life can replace harmful restricting routines. You’ll learn and practice body-food congruence (AKA eating foods that make you feel good) while considering your overall health and nutrition.

Gentle Nutrition

Module Twelve

See what's inside

Meal Prep as an Intuitive Eater

No, we’re not talking about meal prep as a method of ‘staying on track.’ Instead, we share helpful suggestions and tips so you can meal prep as an intuitive eater — doing so to take care of yourself and make eating foods you enjoy simple and accessible.

Meal Prep as an Intuitive Eater

In our 12 weeks together, you get…

Picture this:

Access to Registered Dietitians who provide guidance, support, and answers to your questions

Dedicated time to reflect on your relationship with food and practice intuitive eating

Live sessions with an MD specialist and body image expert

A community of like-minded people who celebrate your wins and support you through challenges.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

We think so too. But before you invest, we want to share what we
can & can’t guarantee: 

We don’t practice intuitive eating to lose weight, and we can’t tell you if you will lose, gain, or maintain your current weight in our program. Our focus is adapting health-promoting habits, leaving behind diet culture, and cultivating a joyful life. 

We can promise that after 12 weeks, you’ll have all the tools, strategies, and support you need to become an intuitive eater and make peace with food. With group coaching, you get out of it what you put into it. If you show up each week with an open heart — ready to learn, grow, and put in the work — we believe it will be more than worth your while. 

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Ready to join the Diet Culture Rebel Group Coaching Program and community?


12 live, 60-minute sessions with the Diet Culture Rebel team

Become a Rebel — against diet culture, societal pressures, and guilt-ridden food habits. Intuitive eating is how you’ll get there.

A tailor-made workbook to guide you through the program

Two exclusive guest expert sessions

A close-knit, supportive community of rebels that you can lean on

Flexible session times each week

Weekly check-ins to reflect and celebrate

Journaling prompts to help you dig deeper and inspire breakthroughs

70+ page workbook

your investment

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Or three payments of $650


you're ready for this

Welcome, Rebel! I'm so glad you're here.

meet the team

Hi Rebel, I’m Bonnie.

About a decade ago, I was exactly where you are. After years of food and body struggles, I finally hit ‘diet bottom.’ 

It wasn’t a perfect journey, but through my dedication to healing and professional support, I became an intuitive eater and healed my relationship with food.

Enter Diet Culture Rebel® — the company I created to use my experience as a Registered Dietitian and Intuitive Eating Coach to help people heal their relationship with food, too!

I’m continually blown away by the transformations that take place in this group coaching program — Rebels coming together and breaking free from diet culture for good. And doing it together? Well, that makes it even more meaningful and rewarding.

Hey there, I'm Angie

After years of struggling with disordered eating habits and the influence of generational dieting, I became a mom and knew something had to change. I healed my relationship with food because I couldn't fathom passing along toxic diet culture ideas and practices to my children — and it was the best decision I ever made.

I only wish I had a group program like this when I started my journey. The power of community support cannot be understated and is an incredible asset to long-term healing.

I’m beyond excited to share both my expertise as a registered dietitian and my lived experience to help Rebels like you make peace with food and transform your quality of life!

It’s time to get really (and we mean really) honest with yourself.

What if ‘progress’ shifted away from a number on the scale and toward:


Giving yourself unconditional permission to eat

Eating mostly for physical rather than emotional reasons

Listening to your body cues

Honoring how food feels in your body

We do an intuitive eating assessment at the beginning and end of the program to chart the progress made throughout our time together. You’ll be so proud of your growth in certain areas and you’ll gain insight into which areas need more
time & attention moving forward. 

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Why settle for quick fixes when you could heal just like these Rebels?




“I can confidently say that my relationship with food and my body is drastically improved. I can listen to my body cues and do what makes me feel good. No longer restricting foods means I no longer have the desire to binge, and I find myself using food as a coping mechanism less and less. Everything Bonnie taught me makes so much sense and I cannot stress enough how great it feels to have the knowledge about diet culture that I do now.”

- Haley

“I truly see both the value of intuitive eating and the detrimental effects of diet culture. I can now approach any future illness-related dietary guidelines with the confidence that no food is off-limits, I’m aware of how food makes me feel, and thinness does not equal health. Freedom, to me, tastes like chocolate donut holes and nutrient-dense breakfasts — knowing that they can coexist, guilt-free, in a body that I now respect.”

- Emily

“I didn't even realize how bad my relationship with food was when I started working with Bonnie. I hid food in the basement to try not to think about it, but I was constantly thinking about the next food I was going to have. Now, I'm able to keep whatever food I want in the house without worrying that I will binge. I also don't think about food nearly as much, which gives me time to think about all the other things I want to do with my life. I didn't know what to expect when I started, but now I just wish I had known about intuitive eating sooner. ”

- Katie

“I used to binge eat in secret and had an unhealthy relationship with food. I was also constantly critical of my body and compared myself to others. Since working with Bonnie, I have learned to love myself more. I no longer am anxious about eating In front of others or grocery shopping. I kicked food labels to the curb. I no longer binge in secret and I am able to listen to my body and honor my hunger & fullness cues.”

- Abigail

Embrace all of the emotions that come with healing your relationship with food, from nervousness and fear to excitement and optimism!

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On February 1st, we start a 12-week journey together toward developing a lifelong, healthy, and sustainable relationship with food.

Have a few Qs? We have answers.

Diet Culture Rebel Group Coaching is a high-level program with 12 weeks of live sessions, online self-paced modules, and an online community to help you become an intuitive eater and eat without guilt, obsession, or fear of losing control.

  • 12 one-hour group calls with Bonnie &/or Angie
  • Monday through Friday coach and community engagement
  • Q&A sessions so you can get an expert’s point of view
  • Detailed modules and journaling prompts for each week
  • 2 surprise expert guest sessions

The next group coaching cohort will start late summer. Days and times of sessions are TBD, but we usually offer two session times each week to choose from. Enrolling in group coaching grants you access to attend one (1) group coaching session of your choosing each week. Our average client attends 6-9 live sessions and watches replays for sessions missed. If you can make all 12 sessions, that is ideal, but due to family, work, and personal conflicts, we understand that making every session is not possible for everyone.

The Diet Culture Rebel Group Coaching program is 12 weeks long.

We use a digital platform called Heartbeat. You can download the app and use it to engage with other members and ask your coaches questions.

Bonnie is one of your two coaches — you’ll also work with DCR team dietitian, Angie!

We can’t wait to have you! Tell us all your details and submit your preferred payment plan and method here. Then, you’ll get an email from us with the next steps!

You can choose between two different payment plans: one payment of $1,800, three payments of $650, or five payments of $390.

We don't offer official refunds or guarantees that our group coaching program will 'work', we do believe that if you enter the program with an open mind, heart, and willingness to learn and grow, you'll find great value in our time spent together.

Group Coaching is for you if…

You’re ready to pursue health without diets

You’re on a mission to enjoy food in the one life you’ve been given

You’re ready to invest in learning the foundations of intuitive eating in an educational, supportive, and thorough way

You want to heal your relationship with food and your body alongside a safe and judgment-free community

However, it may not be for you if…

You’re more focused on fast, ‘results’ than long-term healing

You aren’t open to how your body may change while practicing intuitive eating

You aren’t ready to deeply reflect on your food struggles

You don’t want a team or community to support the process of healing your relationship with food

Ready for some major health breakthroughs?

You’re just one click away from applying & pursuing a healthy & joyful relationship with food.

Payment Plan


x 3 payments

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invest in full


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We’re Giving Diet Culture The Middle Finger

Become a rebel and break free — from chronic dieting, societal pressures, and guilt-ridden food habits. Join group coaching, adopt health-promoting habits, and heal your relationship with food.

The best part? We get to do it together.

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