Episode 10: Living a happier life with diabetes! with Amanda Ciprich

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In this episode, Bonnie is joined by Amanda Ciprich. Amanda is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in diabetes nutrition and education. Her passion for nutrition began after her diagnosis of type one diabetes at the age of 18. During the early years of her diagnosis, she followed many restrictive diets in hopes she could manipulate her blood sugars into being well-controlled. She thought that what she was doing was healthy, but it destroyed her relationship with food. She was constantly thinking about food, stressed about what to eat, and no longer found food enjoyable. This made living with diabetes overwhelming and stressful. It wasn’t until Amanda stopped following restrictive diets and focused on eating with balance, moderation, and variety that she finally began to feel happy and healthy! Amanda helps other types one diabetics improve their relationship with food so they can manage their blood sugars and live a happier life with diabetes!

They will touch on such topics as:

  • How Amanda discovered she had Type 1 Diabetes
  • Being diagnosed at a young age
  • Diabetes and the impact on food
  • The misunderstanding about carbs
  • How to approach the holidays and eating
  • Self-care vs self-sabotage
  • Misinformation on diabetes
  • First steps to take

Additional Resources:

To connect with Amanda on Instagram:@t1d.nutritionist
Connect with Bonnie on Instagram: @diet.culture.rebel

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