Episode 13: Is it possible to eat intuitively and meal prep? with Talia Koren

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On this episode, Bonnie is joined by Talia Koren. Talia Koren is the founder of Workweek Lunch, a blog and digital meal plan subscription that helps thousands of people all over the world master meal prep. Talia is a self-taught home cook and she started WWL in 2016 to teach her peers how to cook easy, balanced meals to save time and money through her Instagram, which has now grown to over 465k followers. Before WWL, Talia was a staff writer at Elite Daily and worked in the entertainment industry after graduating from Ithaca College in 2014. When she’s not developing new recipes for the WWL Meal Prep Program, Talia loves to travel, snowboard, binge-watch TV and explore her new home, Seattle.

They will touch on such topics as:

·      Shifting to intuitive eating meal prep
·      Is it possible to eat intuitively and meal prep
·      The intention behind your meal prep
·      First steps of starting to meal prep
·      The time needed to meal prep

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Other freebie option: our meal planning template

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