Episode 131: It’s Time for Fat Liberation with Jessica Wilson

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In this week’s episode, Bonnie is joined by Registered Dietitian, Jessica Wilson. Jessica is a clinical dietitian, consultant and author, whose experiences navigating the dietetic fields as a Black, queer dietitian have been featured on public radio shows and in print media, including the New York Times, Bustle, and Cronkite News.

In today’s episode Bonnie & Jessica will discuss: 

  • How dismantling diet culture isn’t enough; we need fat liberation 
  • Use of the word fat & why there is a reclaiming of it
  • Where the body positive movement falls short
  • Benefits of moving towards fat liberation 
  • Risks of not moving towards fat liberation 
  • What’s at the root of many weight gain fears 
  • and so much more! 

Connect with Jessica: 

Website: jessicawilsonmsrd.com 

Book: It’s Always Been Ours; Rewriting the Story of Black Women’s Bodies

Instagram: @jessicawilsonmsrd

Instagram accounts mentioned in podcast: 



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