Episode 58: Dietitian Review Of 75 Hard!

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In this week’s episode, Bonnie goes solo to talk with you about her Dietitian review of 75 hard, which markets itself as a mental toughness program. Her intent in today’s episode is to help you spot out the sneaky Diet Culture in our world today.

She will touch on topics such as

  • What is 75 hard challenge?
  • Food restrictions do not respect your body.
  • What can over-exercising do to you?
  • “Cheat Meals” only increases the last-supper mentality around food.
  • Thinnest does not equal healthy living.
  • Ask yourself Does a progress photo serve me and my body?
  • We need to MOVE AWAY from the programs that feed you grind culture.
  • Give your body and mind a rest.

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