Episode 61: Recovering into a bigger body from orthorexia

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In today’s podcast episode, Bonnie is joined by a fellow dietitian, Emma. Emma struggled with orthorexia that was fueled by the body comments she got when she lost weight like “Hey, you look so great.” This kept her stuck in the cycle of eating the same exact meals and snacks for months, resisting to believe that it’s okay to live in a bigger body, and dieting to the point where her hair fell out and she lost her period.

In today’s episode, Bonnie & Emma talk about:

  • Putting an end to weight stigma.
  • Finding the courage to embrace your unique beauty and the confidence to love yourself at any size.
  • How to navigate the fear of weight gain.
  • What orthorexia is & steps to overcome it.
  • Fashion in a plus-size body.
  • How to improve your self-worth.

Connect with Emma: 
Website: https://nutritionalblonde.com
Instagram: @emmanacewicz
Emma’s Free body confidence makeover: https://nutritionalblonde.com/confidence-freebie

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