Episode 8: How PCOS affects your body with Sam Abbott

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On this episode, Bonnie is joined by Sam Abbott, Sam is a registered dietitian nutritionist and owner of the nutrition private practice, G&G Nutrition Company. Sam helps those with PCOS ditch diets, improve insulin resistance, and balance hormones without feeling guilty or stressed about food. After spending years seeing women with PCOS, she realized that they were only being told to lose weight, exercise more, and eat less. Sam is passionate about empowering women with PCOS with the knowledge they need to improve their hormone imbalances and live their happiest, healthiest lives without dieting.




They will touch on such topics as:

  • What is PCOS?
  • Why should women with PCOS not diet?
  • What are the common food struggles of women with PCOS?
  • How does PCOS affect eating patterns?
  • How to approach nutrition with PCOS?
  • How do you get into this world of PCOS?
  • Bonus: PCOS snacking guide: https://ggnutritionco.com/pcosguide/

Additional Resources:

To connect with Sam on Instagram: @pcos.nutrionist
Connect with Bonnie on Instagram: @diet.culture.rebel


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