Episode 127: Stopping the Self-Blame… And the Dieting with Former Client Hayley

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Applications for the March 2023 Group Coaching Cohort are officially open!  You don’t want to miss this cohort because it’s the LAST cohort you can join until late summer and we are only accepting 10 clients! If you’re ready to stop quick fix diets and create a healthy, longterm and sustainable relationship with food, go to dietculturerebel.com/group-coaching and apply. After you apply, Bonnie will personally review your application and send you an email with next steps and how to secure your spot.  

In this week’s episode, Bonnie is joined by former group coaching client Hayley who shares steps she took to create a healthier relationship with food.

In today’s episode Bonnie & Hayley will discuss: 

Why Hayley stopped dieting

How Hayley made food hold less power over her

Making peace with food

Weight stigma in healthcare

Thinking about food less

Gentle nutrition without dieting

and so much more! 

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