Episode 161: What If I Only Crave “Bad” Foods With Intuitive Eating?

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Hey Rebels! Today we’re clearing up the common fear that with intuitive eating, you will only want and crave “bad” foods.

I know the sound of “unconditional permission to eat” feels like it’s giving you permission for a free-for-all with food. But the truth is, this permission just allows you to make a choice based on what would feel good for your body and your mind in each moment.

From my own personal experience, client experiences, AND research, we actually see that intuitive eaters are more likely to eat a wider variety of foods than dieters. 

Listen in and you’ll learn about:

  • a quick overview of what “intuitive eating” actually entails
  • why rules create an urgency to eat
  • what happens when you label foods as “good” vs “bad”
  • research behind intuitive eating
  • + action steps to start intuitive eating!


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