Episode 169: If The Scale Stresses You Out, Here’s What You Can Do

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Hey Rebel. 

Have you ever felt like the scale holds a lot of power over you? It’s like if you step on a scale, that will dictate the following food choices you make and how you feel about yourself. I get it, and so many of my clients have felt the same way.

I want to share with you some options if you feel this way so that you support your overall wellbeing without the scale getting in the way of that.

Here’s what you can hear in today’s episode:

  • Reflective questions to explore your relationship with the scale
  • Tips to navigate getting weighed at the doctors office
  • Stories about my own relationship with the scale
  • & more!

I hope this episode reminds you that you are not alone with your struggles, and you don’t have to keep struggling alone!

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