Episode 170: Rethinking Your Response To Aging With Midlife Health & Nutrition Specialist, Val Schonberg

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Hey Rebel! 

Have you ever thought about aging, menopause, and body changes over the lifespan and felt anxious? It makes sense when the diet and beauty industry prey on us to be scared of these things. But what if you could rethink our response to aging and create a more compassionate, neutral, and realistic narrative around these very normal experiences?

This is why I had Registered Dietitian and Midlife Health Specialist Val Schonberg on the podcast today! My associate dietitian Angie recommended her to come on after she recently took a continuing education course by Val, and I’m so glad she did because more conversations around aging need to be had!

By tuning in today, you’ll hear about:

  • how she went from a rather sheltered upbringing from diet culture pressures to later in life becoming a victim to them and struggling.
  • what helped her heal and what has helped her embrace and enjoy the aging process.
  • the importance of separating your entire self worth from your body size.
  • how to incorporate gentle nutrition as you age.

You can find Val on instagram at @v.schonbergrd or on her website https://valschonberg.com/


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