Episode 172: Eating Disorder Awareness Week: How Disordered Eating Is Normalized In Diet Culture

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Hey Rebel! Last week was an important week: Eating Disorder Awareness Week!

Today I wanted to share some eating disorder statistics with you to shed light on the frequency and seriousness of these life-altering conditions. 

Throughout this episode we will explore: 

  • The role dieting plays in the development of an eating disorder
  • Normalized “health” habits that are red flags for eating disorders
  • Eating disorder statistics I want you to know
  • Real-life experiences to connect to and inspire you

Having struggled with disordered eating myself and working with 100s of women to heal their relationship with food, I’ve seen the positive change that can happen when you finally get help to heal once-and-for-all. I hope, if anything, this episode helps you realize that you deserve help and can recover! 

Resources mentioned: 

Project Heal: https://www.theprojectheal.org/

Episode 164, When Healthy Eating Goes Too Far: Laura’s Story

Books Mentioned

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