Episode 174: My Reaction To Oprah’s Special: Shame, Blame and The Weight Loss Revolution

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Hey Rebel. Recently, an Oprah special came out titled “shame, blame and the weight loss revolution”, all about the popular weight loss drugs right now… and it got a lot of attention. So I decided to watch the special so you don’t have to and today I am breaking it down with all of my thoughts… and I have a lot. 

Surprisingly, there are a few things I agree with. But there are more things that I have concerns about…

Give it a listen to hear all about the special and even more about the science (or lack thereof) behind these medications.

Resource from Medical Students for Size Inclusivity: https://sizeinclusivemedicine.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/MSSI-GLP1-Informed-Consent-1-1.pdf 


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