Episode 178: Does existing in a larger body cause joint pain? (with Physical Therapist, Dr. Lisa)

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Hey Rebel!

Does existing in a larger body automatically lead to more joint pain and daily discomfort?

You may automatically assume, “yes!”…but what if that’s a myth? To help navigate this popular topic I brought in Dr. Lisa, a weight-inclusive physical therapist and body image coach, to help us dive deep into how diet culture infiltrates the physical therapy space and challenge many misconceptions surrounding body size and pain.

Get ready to hear all about:

  • What actually causes pain (and how it’s not simply a result of body size).
  • How to move away from the mindset that it’s your fault if you experience body aches, pains, or ailments.
  • How to better understand the signals your body sends when you’re experiencing discomfort.
  • One daily practice to help protect your body.

& more!

Ps. Pay special attention to Dr. Lisa’s discussion on the shame people feel when they believe their body aches are their fault. You might hear some powerful parallels between the shame experienced from dieting failures and the shame related to physical ailments.

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