Episode 31: Anti-diet yoga with Breanne Failor

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In this week’s episode, Bonnie is joined by Breanne Failor. Breanne is the founder of Anti-Diet Yoga. She has her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification and is currently working on her Lay Facilitator Intuitive Eating Certification.

Breanne’s goal is to create yoga classes accessible to all bodies—giving you time and space to quiet your mind and connect to your body through movement and breath. Building a community where diet culture is left at the door, and you are perfect the way you are right now!

She incorporates Intuitive Eating, body acceptance, and body-positive themes into her classes. All of her classes are for all levels of yoga practitioners; beginners are welcome and encouraged.

Breanne is the mom of three boys (Elliot (9), Joshua (7), Jacob (4). She lives in North West Indiana, just outside of Chicago. She has stayed home with her kids for the last nine years and before that worked in sales and marketing.

They will touch on such topics as:

  • You can enjoy movement in so many ways
  • Quieting your mind with yoga
  • Connecting your mind to your body
  • Intuitive eating and yoga
  • What are the benefits of yoga?
  • First steps to getting started on your yoga journey

Additional Resources:

Connect with Breanne:
Instagram: @AntiDietYoga
Website: www.AntiDietYoga.com
Free Intro to Intuitive Eating Video Series: https://www.antidietyoga.com/pages/intuitive-eating

Connect with Bonnie on Instagram: @diet.culture.rebel

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