Episode 40: How to Stop Overeating Food You Love

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In this week’s episode, Bonnie goes solo to talk with you about a question that came from her DMs. A Diet Culture Rebel asked, “How she can stop overeating the food she loves on her intuitive eating journey?”

She will touch on topics such as:

  • What is intuitive eating? Why do so many people feel out of control when they start eating intuitively?
  • Three things to consider if you feel like you are out of control with your favorite foods.
  • Why intuitive eating is about honoring your body cues?
  • How to avoid the extremes and build up your hunger cues?
  • Finding out what your fullness looks like for you? How do you know your full and how to change your mindset around feeling full?
  • Asking yourself how your past experience impacted you?
  • Are you tapping into your “SATISFACTION” with food?

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