Episode 59: Kicking Your Carb Curse To The Curb with Past client, Mckenzie

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In today’s podcast episode, Bonnie is joined by her past client Mckenzie. Mckenzie struggled with disordered eating for 7 years before healing her relationship with food in group coaching.

In today’s episode Bonnie & Mckenzie talk about:

  • How body image is not healed with weight loss
  • how diet culture “healthy” can fuel disordered eating
  • how to kick your carb curse to the curb & make peace with carbs!
  • Overcoming negative self-talk around food & your body
  • How to respect your body and be flexible with food
  • How to be flexible with food & break free of rigid food rules!

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  1. Appreciate you sharing this informative post. You did a fantastic job explaining your points. Looking forward to more posts.

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