Episode 67: How to find food freedom with Dalina Soto

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In this week’s episode, Bonnie is joined by Dalina Soto where they will have a discussion on embracing food freedom without being guilty. 

Bonnie & Dalina will touch on topics such as:

  • The pressure from wellness culture
  • Why it’s important to approach health without focusing on weight
  • set boundaries when it comes to food and your body
  • you don’t need to healthify your cultural foods
  • you can pursue health without sacrificing your favorite foods

Our guest today is Dalina Soto. Dalina grew up in a Dominican family, food is a major part of her life. Plantains, rice, beans, yuca, pork, chicken, and all the delicious island foods were staples in her family’s diet culture. Her mom stayed at home, and they ate rice and beans every single day. Not only is she one of the few bilingual Dietitians in Philadelphia, but she can also teach you how to eat healthy within your own cuisine and culture.

You can connect with Dalina Soto through her website:  YourLatinaNutrition.com or Take Dalina’s free quiz here

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