Episode 74: Food Can Be Medicine… Except When It Isn’t With Dana Monsees

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In this week’s episode, Bonnie is joined by Dana Monsees, a Dietitian-Nutritionist (MS, CNS, LDN) and Body Image Coach who practices from a HAES, non-diet approach. Dana’s philosophy combines neutral nutrition with weight-inclusive care and the principles of integrative health, to help women heal their relationship with food and their bodies as a root cause of chronic health conditions. 

In today’s episode Bonnie & Dana will discuss: 

  • Dana’s journey of healing her relationship with food while managing her Celiac Disease 
  • how the constant stress of body image, dieting & disordered eating can impact gut health 
  • why addressing the root cause of gut health issues is important 
  • how to know what is woo-woo gut health advice vs. what’s legit 
  • If kombucha is really all it’s cracked up to be
  • what chronic bloat might mean 

Connect with Dana: 

Instagram: @danamonsees_cns

Podcast: Whole-Hearted Eating with Dana Monsees & Cristina Hoyt 

Website: www.realfoodwithdana.com

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