Episode 176: Overcoming 20 Years Of Body Shame and Stress About Food (Michelle’s Story)

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Hey Rebel!

There’s nothing I love more than hearing people who struggled with their relationships with food for so long recount how intuitive eating changed their lives for the better. That’s the story you’ll be hearing today, as my past group coaching client, Michelle, shares how she went from obsessing over food, struggling with her body image, and overcoming addiction, to now being in a place where she can go on spontaneous dates, listen to her body, and never diet again!

Michelle shares so much wisdom about the mindset shifts she made to begin challenging her relationship with food. She realized that if you are going to have to eat every day for the rest of your life, you might as well make the best of it!

You’ll also hear her discuss:

  • The origin story of her body shame growing up
  • When she realized her food struggles deserved help
  • How she moved through the honeymoon phase
  • The importance of embracing fear throughout the journey
  • & more!

I know you’ll walk away from this episode with inspiration!

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