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The Diet Culture Rebel Podcast provides straightforward, informative, and health-promoting content that helps you eat without guilt, shame, or obsession.

With a mix of interviews and solo episodes, you’ll always feel engaged and empowered as Bonnie shares the truth about diet culture and encourages you to regain trust in your body so you can heal your relationship with food.

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“I love Bonnie’s podcast. I’ve learned about what’s happening inside my brain and body and she gives incredible suggestions and insights on how to start the process of healing my relationship with food.“

“Bonnie is simply amazing! Every one of her podcasts is informative and extremely interesting. She sheds light on many important issues regarding diet culture and makes us feel like we are not alone.”

“So thankful I found this podcast. It helped me change my perspective and feel so much less alone.”

Are You Living in Fear of Losing Control Around Food?

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